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  • Kenneth Kimani

    Kenneth Kimani

    Lead Developer at Mobile Future Enterprises Ltd

    Location: Kenya

  • Kevin Mwasigwa

    Kevin Mwasigwa

    Software Developer/ Biz Dev Logistis

    Location: Kenya

  • Eric Shikanda

    Eric Shikanda

    Location: Kenya

  • Godfrey Maina

    Godfrey Maina

    Software developer

    Location: Kenya

  • Raphael Kaume Marambii

    Raphael Kaume Marambii

    Imagineering at Mobile Future Enterprises ltd

    Location: Kenya


In an industry where many fear to trade, lies the greatest of opportunities.
In Africa there are millions of SMEs and only a few thousands have access to professional book-keeping and accounting services, These businesses can grow by higher profit margins with proper advice and discipline in financial matters.

Logistis, a young and energetic company, wants to meet this demand and become a household name as far as SME based book-keeping and accounting is concerned.

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