About IPO48

IPO48 is a 48-hour investment boot-camp where early stage start-ups get mentorship, exposure, broaden their network and finally - minimum one of the teams gets funding from the IPO48 investors.

IPO48 is a boot-camp style initiative organized by HumanIPO. The event will take place over a long weekend bringing together circa 100 talented visionary entrepreneurs, programmers, designers and project managers to build new mobile and web services in just 48 hours.

IPO48 usually starts on a Friday evening with presenting ideas, peaking with the new product demos on Sunday evening. The best team of the event shall receive €25 000 in investment, plus mentorship from European and American entrepreneurs and business professionals.

Photos from IPO48 Nairobi 2011

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Interview with David Owino, co-founder of HumanIPO on NTV

Live interview on “Money Matters” with Kresten Buch on NTV

Interview with IPO48 winner, Tusqee Systems CEO on NTV

The founders of M-Farm Kenya talk about their goals for this new venture


  • “The IPO 48 event was a great learning experience. We got to meet the other teams in person and learn more about their projects.”

    by Michael Wanyoike, Darasa Apps

  • “The platform is fantastic. The ability to control settings to receive weekly and daily updates is good although can get annoying when you are following all the start-ups. Some of the new elements such as the virtual investment feature was a great idea.”

    by Mikul Shah, Rainmaker, onsite mentor @IPO48 Nairobi

  • “For me, the main benefit I observed prior to the event was the exposure to other more experienced internet entrepreneurs. We don't have many of those in Kenya, since the internet industry is still coming up. During the event, that was actually the first high-pressure situation Lyosi and I had faced, so we learned how to handle that sort of situation. After the event, we really benefitted from learning how to formalize our business process. Which is exactly what Ghafla! is implementing right now.”

    by Mista Majani, co-founder of Ghafla! one of the 2 startups that got surprise-investments @IPO48 Nairobi

  • “My idea had a big problem with business revenue. We had this platform and thanks to the IPO48 platform and mentors we have now seen 5 different ways of making money out of it. It has been really good to chat with the mentors, they help you see a different angle that you did not think of, especially how to push it to the market and how to monetize it. So it's been a real learning experience. I have probably learned like six months of worth studying in an institution here in these 2 days.”

    by Ngugi Gikonyo, co-founder of 6ix Degrees, one of the 2 startups that got surprise-investments @IPO48 Nairobi

  • “How I wish we could have more of these events so that we can get to share more knowledge among ourselves. We did learn a lot and I believe that we're now positioned to change the lives of school-going kids in Kenya and all over the African content. I firmly believe that in the end, Tusqee Systems will go down in history as the most successful of all 88mph startup ventures!”

    by Nyatha Githinji, co-founder of Tusqee Systems, the startup that got the main investment from 88mph investors

Media coverage of IPO48 Nairobi 2011



  • Live interview on “Money Matters” with Kresten Buch

    NTV, 11.08.2011

  • Interview with David Owino, co-founder of HumanIPO

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  • Interview with IPO48 winner, Tusqee Systems CEO

    NTV, 16.08.2011


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Mentor snapshot

David Owino

David Owino

Executive Director at The BCS Group Limited

Bhavesh Mistry

Bhavesh Mistry


Marianne Hyltoft

Marianne Hyltoft

Strategy development, concept building, planning and execution

Kris Senanu

Kris Senanu

Mananging Director, Internet Division

Michelle Landy

Michelle Landy

SVP, Legal and Business Affairs, FremantleMedia Enterprises (Americas)

Bruno Haid

Bruno Haid

Founder & CEO at work|i|o

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Kresten Buch

Kresten Buch
Founder & CEO
+372 53 229 453