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Rainmaker snapshot

  • Jura Sidorenko

    Jura Sidorenko

    Front- and backend @humanipo, internet entepreneur


  • Kresten Buch

    Kresten Buch

    Serial Entrepreneur and 88mph Investor


  • Gustaf Hertsius

    Gustaf Hertsius

    Account Director at Family Business


  • David Owino

    David Owino

    Executive Director at The BCS Group Limited


  • Thomas Mathiasen

    Thomas Mathiasen

    Founder and owner at TM-Innovation & Danish Intellectual Capital Management


  • Michael Jackson

    Michael Jackson

    Early Stage Tech Investor


  • Nikolai Barnwell

    Nikolai Barnwell

    88mph, Kenya


  • Tom Jackson

    Tom Jackson

    Managing Editor,


  • Accelerate your startup by candid conversations with professionals and investors, who have startup experience or industry knowledge in the market your product is targeting
  • Find employees and co-founders that would like to work with you
  • Go global – find country managers and representatives in other markets

As the cost and speed needed for creating a start up is dropping, finding the right people quickly becomes vital for you to compete as an entrepreneur. May it be employees, mentors or investors. Other entrepreneurs are most likely working on similar ideas as you, so your success will be determined by the ability to quickly turn your idea into a business. It's the execution that matters - even more than the original idea.


Let the leads come to you:

You should be looking for new staff, investors, advisory board members, testers, partners, interns, affiliates etc. all the time. This way, when you need them - you will already have a head-start.

People viewing your startup will be able to indicate what interest they have in your startup. That way you collect leads as you go and can contact them if and when you need their services.

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  3. Pitch (max 10,000 characters)
    Answer these 3 questions below in the given order:

    1. What is the problem you are solving and for whom?
    2. What is your solution, where is the magic?
    3. How do you make money on it?
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    Select the industries your product or service targets.

  5. The Market
    Select the markets you are targeting.

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Get your startup out there today - submit it on HumanIPO.

Submit your startup