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6ix Degrees

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Computer Software, Computer & Network SecurityKenya, Tanzania


6ix Degrees is a startup at

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  • Ngugi Gikonyo

    Ngugi Gikonyo

    Computer 'hacker'

    Location: Kenya

  • Athias Avians (Mathew Juma)

    Athias Avians (Mathew Juma)

    Co - founder Binary Science

    Location: Kenya

  • Shaddie Ogechi

    Shaddie Ogechi

    co-founder binary science

    Location: Kenya

  • lucy


    binary science

    Location: Kenya


6ix Degrees attempts to kill two birds with one stone. Without running around in fancy 'intellectual-sounding' wording, this is what it does:
1: Provide a mobile applications that retrieves all contacts in the users' phonebook and backs-up these in a remote server. The user can perform periodical phonebook backups which are added onto the existing server data.
2:Using the theory of six-degrees-of-separation, an algorithm sifts through this data to provide a relational nation-wide directory.

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