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  • Mwiti Ituriu

    Mwiti Ituriu

    Web Developer and Techpreneur

    Location: Kenya

  • Eunice Nyandat

    Eunice Nyandat


    Location: United States

  • peter khala

    peter khala


    Location: Kenya

  • Achieng Otieno

    Achieng Otieno


    Location: Kenya

  • Alibina


    Problem solver

    Location: Sweden

  • Shlomi Selim Benbasat

    Shlomi Selim Benbasat

    Father :-) Entrepreneur and Investor

    Location: Turkey


You meet someone and start dating, one thing leads to another, the big question is popped, she says YES! OH YES! you get married, go for the honeymoon then two weeks later you come back to a whole new life. WHAT NEXT?

This is a tricky stage for many people because it is a new experience with a lot of issues to navigate. That is why there is a need to focus on the basic elements that help to bring meaning into a relationship, and give it more potential to last.

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